How America Should Be

Topics: Economic inequality, Wealth condensation, The rich get richer and the poor get poorer Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: March 13, 2013
How America Should Be
Langston Hughes writes “Let America Be America Again”. A poem that is about what America means to Hughes. This man just wants everyone to have equal opportunity in America. Everyone has a different opinion on what America should be, and I am going to be talking about what this dream meant to Langston Hughes, what I think this poem means to most Americans, and what this poem means to me, which are all very different opinions.

First, I’m going to be explaining about what the dream means to Langston Hughes. Langston Hughes has a good way with words. In the first paragraph he talks about how he wants America to be the dream that it was meant to be. Pretty much the way that I think Langston feels about America is that he believes that everyone should have the opportunity of the American dream and have equal rights. It’s saying that there are many people who’ve come here with hopes and dreams, and they’re being let down. He’s also saying that there is an economic disparity between people. In essence the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer because there is not equal opportunity.

Second, I will be explaining about what I think this poem means to most Americans. I believe that most Americans feel the same way that Langston Hughes feels about America. Because most people could relate to this poem, a lot of people have come to America in hope of freedom but don’t get it because not everyone is treated the same way. I also believe that Americans just want their voices to be heard and change the things that need to be changed, like having equal rights for everyone and not being judged by how much money people have.

Lastly, I will be explaining about what the American dream means to me. I believe that the American dream should be about equal rights. Everyone should be treated equal, no matter what. I think that America should change many things like racism and being judged by the color of individual’s skin. People should get a better name...
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