Housewife and Working Women

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Accidents are very common in big cities as there are many modes of transport and roads are narrow and crowded. Every day we come across news about such accidents that claim lives and cause casualties. Sadly, driver error remains the most common cause of road accidents; such as Speeding, Drink Driving, Seat Belt Wearing, Careless Driving, At-work, Inexperience, Failed to Look Properly, Loss of Control, Failed to Judge Other Person's Path/Speed.  I was a witness to one. Once, I and my friends decided to go for a walk. We were walking along a crowded road. All of a sudden we heard a loud noise. I saw a man rolling on the ground He was knocked down by a car. The driver was driving it at a normal speed. He saw a lorry coming from the opposite direction. It was being driven rashly. The car driver feared a collision. He tried to turn the vehicle aside, but his clutch wire broke and the machine got out of his control. It ran into a passerby and hit the pavement. The man was seriously wounded. His leg was badly bruised. A crowd gathered on the spot. The wounded man was removed to a nearby hospital. Some people started abusing and hitting the car driver. Someone tried to convince them that it was not his fault. It was just an accident. Luckily the victim was declared out of danger. The police also arrived at the place of accident. The car driver and the lorry driver were taken to the police station. Their statements were recorded. The car driver was let off but the lorry driver detained.

It was terrible to witness an accident. I certainly would not like to be involved in one. SPECIFICATIONS OF CELL PHONES
Cell phones have intruded in our lives and have made their own unique stand. Once considered as a luxury is now the thing closest to our hearts. The issue of whether to agree with having mobile phone or not is a controversial one. Cell phones have become the personal diaries for many. A cell phone wakes you up in the morning; it is your reminder that...
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