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Introduction The long term goal of Sunset Paradise Hotel is to become the best choice in Barcelona, Rome and Antalya for temporary lodging by creating a differentiated experience capitalizing on personal service, the historical nature of our building, and its unique locations in one of the most attractive places in Europe and Turkey. We plan to be more than just lodging and accommodation. We plan to create an environment of luxury that surpasses the standard fare for our locations. Expanding our exposure via the Internet and introducing new products and services to customers in all our locations will allow us to maintain a higher than average occupancy rate and above average profits. The short term goal is to increase sales that will allow us to compete with our competitors, make short term profits, increase our market share, improve our marketing strategy and we to continue to innovate our businesses. The Company and Ownership Porto Hotel Resort will be built in three locations namely Barcelona in Spain, Rome in Italy and Antalya in Turkey. Sunset Paradise Hotel is owned by Golden Wings Airline Company that was established in 2006. Golden Wings Airline Company will set up partners between Sunset Paradise Hotel and major travel agencies so as to ensure steady flow of patrons (tourist and locals) through its doors. The people that will be responsible for running the company will be provided by Golden Wings Airline Company. The Sunset Paradise Hotel will be managed by a regional director Mr. Henry Akwari. Mr. Ondrej Hajek, Mrs Cigdem Percin, and Mr. Evaldas Moisenka will be the managing directors in the three locations. A Manager will appointed that will reside on the property, managing and maintaining the business and satisfying our locations license agreements. Our Services Sunset Paradise Hotel will begin on March 22, 2008 and is expected to complete construction on the March 22, 2011 and we expect the construction to be completed in three years time.


After completion it will have the potential of 540 rooms accommodation. Creating a home away from home which is often more beautiful and palatial than where they are travelling from will ensure many return customers. The riches of the locations where Sunset Paradise Hotel is located will potentially draw significant numbers of tourist to the region. In addition to providing information about our locations, we plan to collaborate with tour agencies and business throughout the area and business throughout the area by offering packages and special rates. As the company becomes established through the peak season, we plan to expand our services to the residents of our locations in time of the off-season. The adjourning rooms open creating a large area, ideal for formal or informal gatherings (e.g. weddings receptions, office parties, Christmas parties, etc.).

Sunset Paradise Hotel will focus on quality, luxurious, yet affordable, lodging for vacationers interested in exploring the locations where our hotels are located together with the corresponding surroundings. Our target markets are new visitors travelling to the area, middle and upper income bracket, returning visitors to the area, business needing to hold small overnight planning and strategy sessions, area wedding parties and couples. Our two major customer segments are tourist from all over the world who traditionally prefers cosy environment and local partners who needs the facilities for various events. The table below outline the market potential for our business. A modest projection for rental is 25 per cent per year for tourist and 10 per cent for local patrons. Table 1: Estimates of potential customers in the market Potential customers Tourists Local patrons Growth 25% 10% Estimates of customers in the market 2011 100000 5000 2012 125000...
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