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Organizational Resources
In the case study, it illustrates different kind of organizational resource, including human resources, financial resources, physical resources, general organizational resources, and organizational knowledge and learning.

Human Resources
Shangri-La invests heavily in training in the past. It puts a lot of resource to modest in their performances and provides the best services to customers with kind attitude. Its training programmers emphasize service attitudes, organizational value and job empowerment. Also, survey has shown that more-sophisticated human-resource planning, recruitment, and selection strategies are trend to have higher labor productivity, especially in some organizations which require heavy capital (Koch & McGrath 1996, 335-354). Therefore, Shangri-La have extensive training program to enhance service quality in this upper class hotel. Quality service is the competitive advantage of Shangri-La. It provides training to lead loyal employees to provide the excellent service to all customers. Employee is intangible resource, it is difficult and costly to imitate. Therefore, it helps the firm to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Loyal employees are a valuable resource and success factor of Shangri-La.

For future improvement of turnover, the firm needs to provide more reward to employee. The firm’s turnover was 25% in 2012 (Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts 2014c). For example, if the staff can provide good idea to improve customer relationship or facilities decoration or customize customer’s need, they can get $1000USD reward. This strategy can lead the staff do more creative thinking, especially front line staff because they interact with customers directly.

Physical Resources
Nowadays, Shangri-La owns 75 hotels and 30,000 room around worldwide. Hotel building and facilities in the hotel are physical resources, such as raw material, equipment. Physical resources also including land, location. As I mentioned...
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