Hosting the Olympic Games in Your City

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How can hosting the Olympic Games positively or negatively affect a city?| Hosting the Olympic Games|
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How can hosting the Olympic Games positively or negatively affect the host city? There are many different views on this subject and this paper shall analyze many if not all of them. The Olympics are a fun and exciting event for a city to be a part of. But can a city really benefit from hosting The Games in the long run?

To complete my paper a number of resources were used. A trip to the Newton County Public Library provided me with most of the sources and enough quietness to make my conclusions. The book Olympic Dreams: The Impact of Mega-Events on Local Politics provided me with a lot of information on past Olympic game figures and revenue created by countries and companies collaborating for the Olympics. The rest of my information was obtained from a few internet sources and some magazine articles on large-scale events and their effect on the economy. Of course hosting an Olympic game produces a large amount of communal pride and public satisfaction as a unit, which in my opinion is much greater than a World Series victory or NFL super bowl win. When a host city is on television in front of two-thirds of the world’s population, the event becomes magnified. It becomes a public relations and advertising phenomenon. This phenomenon has many short-term benefits on tourism, real estate values and new business opportunities (Arroyo, 2012). For long-term benefits, host cities should focus on facilities that enhance urban life and do well for the community over a long period of time. Olympic sports facilities should have great post-Olympic Game mass appeal for public use. Unless they are dismantled and materials recycled, as doing this would avoid losing a great part of the city. But not all the time are magnificent things built for the Olympic Games and forgotten in a city’s backdrop years later....
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