Hong Kong Disney Case Study

Topics: Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Walt Disney World Resort Pages: 4 (1122 words) Published: October 4, 2014
Tuyen Tran
BAD 345-03
Hong Kong Case Study

Hong Kong Disney land was an optimistic business idea that was supposed to further propel the Disney brand into the Asian market. After a successful operation in Tokyo Japan Disney thought that the Hong Kong market would follow suit. However, Hong Kong Disney was not the success Disney had hoped and was losing costumers and money early on and was not seeing any profits. Disney was not sure why locals and tourists were coming to their park and tried many promotions and strategies to get locals, mainland tourists and oversea tourist to their park. The park was frequently operating at half its capacity. Other issues the park was having was employees complaining of long work hours, not getting paid for overtime and too little break periods. Customers also thought the park was overpriced, way too small and was very crowed.

A big reason why Disney was going downhill was its neglect for many issues that faced the company in Hong Kong. First was the size of the park issue that hurt Hong Kong Disney. It was smallest of all the parks with only 42 acres for rides. It had the exact same rides as the park in Anaheim California but just a smaller version. This hurt them as Many Hong Kong residents had visited other Disney parks around the world and got the smallest version possible. I kind of feel this was a slap to the face of Hong Kong. By making a smaller park this mean longer wait times and over crowd might be an issue. The people of Hong Kong are notorious for not liking to wait in lines. The employee treatment was also critical in why Disney was doing badly. Since Disney was an American company I believed people thought they should have had better standards for their employees similar to the employees in America. This was not the case as Disney took advantage of their employees with demanding work schedules and long hours. This treatment led to bad press and unhappy employees. Employee happiness...
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