Homosexuality Nature vs Nuture

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Heterosexuality Pages: 5 (1934 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Homosexuality has been a concern for many years. Some people are okay with the fact of two people of the same sex being together. Others believe that it is a major sin. People are and can be extremely hard headed. Trying to convince them otherwise is difficult, even trying to get someone to listen to another person’s point of view is difficult. Two main arguments that come into thought are nature vs. nurture. Many aspects take into play when looking into both sides, but everyone still has their opinion. Studies show different outcomes in the topics of nature vs. nurture, there are many ideas that are spoken of that are myths not actual reality, there are many pros and cons showing differences between nature vs. nurture, and there are also religious aspects to delivering what and how people think about homosexuality. Christians claim that homosexuality is unnatural, that God mad man and women to love each other. Stating that the purpose of men/women sex is clear—reproducing the species. They are like a jigsaw puzzle they fit together perfectly, and that any other combination is not using the human anatomy for what it was made for. Catholics opinions are also stating that homosexuality is unnatural. Well looking at the Catholic religion—the community is full of the celibate man, if you can imagine such a thing, calling another person’s living style unnatural. If a man and a women are supposed to reproduce and the Catholics are made of celibate men then how do they reproduce? It is understood that a man/women sex is used to reproduce. Homosexuality is actually completely natural. There are over 500 animal species, including the great apes, of which humans are a part of. It was used to believe that homosexuality was a mental disorder; we are now decades past that belief. Society has recognized that homosexuality is natural. Christians say “but natural doesn’t mean good”, “Rape, violence, and cyanide are natural but harmful”. Rape has been proved to be more nurture along with violence. Cyanide just gets used for the wrong reasons. These may be harmful, but homosexuality is not hurting anyone. The topic always turns back to harm. Another argument that pops up is, if everyone is homosexual then the population will eventually die out. Well looking into the fact that if everyone starts having daughters the population will also die out because there will eventually be no more men to reproduce with the females. Another aspect to look at is Homosexuality exists in 500 species, Homophobia exists in only one, which seems unnatural now (patheos.com)? One thing that I do not understand with people is why are there actually people that are afraid of homosexuals? My belief is that those people are not afraid of the actual homosexual himself/herself. That person is afraid of BEING a homosexual because he/she does not want to be judged by the cruel people in this world. Even though most information about homosexuality is showing to be nature, nurture has a part. Homosexuals do not become the way they are because of the way that they are because of genetics, even though the answer may lie in the womb. If a person loves a person from his/her same gender they cannot biologically have their own children. So therefore homosexuality does not lie within the fact of being genetics. Genes are spelled out by DNA which is passed from one family member to another. It is proven that genes do not describe people completely because there are 400 genetic errors that can occur to lead to disease and yet a majority of people do not have illnesses. If a mother is pregnant with a baby boy and her body produces too much estrogen then the baby boy may feel, or be more feminine, and if the mother is pregnant with a little girl and produces too much testosterone then the little girl may become manlier. This outcome can lead to one of these children being gay. The problem with the mother’s body producing too much...
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