The Argument Against Homosexuality

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT, Bisexuality, Gay, Heterosexuality / Pages: 6 (1251 words) / Published: May 4th, 2016
From as long as one can date back, there has always been a history discrimination towards others among the general populace. First and foremost, there have been numerous accounts of judgement upon homosexuality making claims stating that it is an immoral choice, a mental disorder, or religiously unjust to be homosexual. These accusations stem as the cause of why members of the LBGT organization are shunned to society and constantly victimized, simply based off of the lack of knowledge towards the true origins of homosexuality. For example, in previous years, homosexuality was documented in the American Psychiatric Association’s, the APA’s, official list of mental disorders. The idea of homosexuality having to do with mental stability is supported …show more content…
Not that there are any direct correspondence between the two parallels of handedness and homosexuality, the concept of one’s handedness and one’s sexuality development are vastly similar. Majority of the time, any aspect or trait outside of the “normal” standards of society are typically rejected. Most people use their right hand when it comes to writing, with left-handed people being the minority. In the past, left handedness was portrayed as unacceptable and even “unnatural,” compelling left handedness to be suppressed and forced to switch to their right hand (Good, Hafner, and Peebles). Most can agree that handedness is a naturally instilled characteristic that develops at a young age and continues to grow unless suppressed by outside forces. Homosexuality can be described with the same components of handedness. As heterosexuality is considerably the “norm” of society, of course homosexuality then the rejected as it is the minority. Also, just how handedness is formed naturally at a young age, so is sexual orientation, which continuously grows as a person ages, unless suppressed by outside factors. Therefore, one can then conclude that, “like handedness, society can suppress the behavior associated with sexual orientation (homosexuality in this case), but we cannot change its biological basis (Hamer & Copeland 1994; Kalat 1998)” (Good, Hafner, and Peebles). If this is the actual case, then just as a person would not discriminate against an innate left handed person, one should not discriminate against an innate

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