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Home Hospice or Hemlock Society
Would you consider taking one of your family members to a home hospice or to a hemlock society? Well, there are societies that help people without hopes of living to pass away or to help them feel that peace of mind in their last day of life. It is very hard to have a familiar member with terminal ill conditions and not knowing what to do. I believe that home hospice is a place where convalescent people can stay in their last day to feel “tranquility” if the family cannot take care of them. However, I do not think a one have the right to take away their life or be present in the day they decide to die.

In Home Hospice, Michael Montgomery talks about convalescent people whose families cannot take care of them in their homes and they send them to this place and the help and support those families receive. There are 30 convalescent hospitals and twenty-four seven hours a day service emergency. This institution helps people to live until their time and do not do anything to help them die. This is a nonprofit institution and do not reject service to anyone even if do not have insurance or if they are low income. Most of their money comes from Medicare, insurance companies, found rising, donations etc. The only way this institution will accept someone is if they are in terminal conditions. Furthermore, the people working in these places help patients to bring them to a level of relive, spiritual, and peacefulness. Moreover, home hospice work with Kaiser, Memorial, Sonoma County, City of Petaluma and other convalescent hospitals. Hemlock Society, work with terminal ill people and help them die. This organization helps people who are convalescent to pass away if they decide that they do not want to suffer anymore and decide not to live any longer. The things involve to help people die are medication, and the plastic bag. The medication is dissolve in a glass of water and then drinks it and go to sleep. The plastic bag in the other...
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