Home Health or Long Term Care

Topics: Geriatrics, Home care, Elderly care Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Sarah Baldwin
MR. Fisher
ENG 090-G20

Staying Home
When I get old, I want to live at home until the very end. I have worked in many settings for elder care and I believe that home health care is the best option. Having the opportunity to work in home health/hospice as well as long term care, choosing home care or hospice as opposed to long term care can be the most appealing option. I believe the quality of life, comfort level and costs exceed any care given in a long term care setting. Growing old and receiving care in my home would be my first option. Right now with the economy as terrible as it is, cost is a huge concern to everyone, and comparing the cost between home health care and long term care the difference is phenomenal. A typical long term care facility can cost around eight thousand dollars a month. Home care is generally around four thousand a month. When home care is provided for a resident, the government also continues to receive payments for property taxes, as well as the other taxes that go a long with the normal cost of living (groceries, clothing, supplies etc…) People in general feel more comfortable at home when they are ill; I know I do. The idea of having to live in a cold, unfriendly, unfamiliar environment can be traumatic to some people. Home health care/hospice can eliminate that trauma and still allow professional assistance by a primary care physician, registered nurse, and nurse’s assistants. The Certified Nurse’s Assistant is there to assist with any house work, hygiene, and cooking that may need to be done, having home health care/hospice can also allow for a resident to heal faster, as the comfort level stimulates the healing process. Effective and efficient care can be provided while feeling safe and comfortable in their home. Having an in home care caregiver will also give the resident more care for the cost. Long term care residents must share the staff members which could cause a delay in care or a potential...
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