Home Alone 2 Analysis

Topics: Home Alone, Character, Protagonist Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Duff Beard
S. Rankin
English 112.08
3 October 2011
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Character Analysis of Home Alone 2
The character Kevin in Home Alone 2 is a very diverse young lad filled with wonder and action that gives the Movie its pizzazz. I will explain how a character of Kevin’s statue stands relatable to everyday people like us. I will also explain how he gives us certain signs to either help us explain his emotions or to throw us off by sending a sign completely opposite of his actions. Last but not least I will give the reader of this essay a insight into Kevin’s cognitive dissonance and how everyday messages can be contributed to the making of this astounding and suspenseful film. In the movie Home Alone 2- Lost in New York the main character Kevin has many relatable traits that we as humans have. For one Kevin always feels as he is always being picked on because he is the youngest. This is a trait that we have always felt in at one point in our life. Kevin emotions really give us a hint that he feels hopelessness when in front of his peers or family. But when in front of the “Wet Bandits” he defends himself and finds courage unlike many of us. He seems to mature and use his intellect to booby trap his way out of any pickle. Kevin’s courage makes him relatable. When in trouble he finds the courage to stand and fights like most of us we sometimes will defend ourselves when we feel threatened by any opposing force. These actions really give us a different look at Kevin as being very protective over himself and the people around him. He really portrays this when defending “Duncan’s Toy chest” a huge toy store from the notorious “Wet Bandits” that planned to steal all the charity money for the children’s hospital. This is one of my favorite traits of Kevin though he might seem helpless he always stands for what is right and fights his way to destroy the certain villain committing these heinous acts. One more relatable trait Kevin has is having awesome people...
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