Holocaust Narrative

Topics: Hinduism, Krishna, Vishnu Pages: 3 (1124 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Sierra Bychowski
Urja Patel
Period 5
AP world history
Hinduism is a religion that began in India thousands of years ago. It is the oldest, most complex and world’s third largest religion. The term Hindu derived from Sanskrit name for Indus river. It meant that those who lived on one part of the Indus river. Hinduism is a mixture of religious, philosophical, cultural ideas and practices that originated in India. Hinduism is one of the most unique religions. It does not have a founder and also there is no point in time where it could be said to have begun. After the history was recorded historians believe that origin of Hinduism dates back to 5,000 or more years.it was the ways of the Aryans whose philosophy, religion, and customs are recorded in their sacred texts known as the Vedas. Teachings of Hinduism are contained in the Vedas. It became dominant faith of India, and it is practiced by over 80% of Indian population. Hinduism dates back to the early Harappa period in India. It spread throughout India, and to other areas through trade, nomads, travelers, and other transportations. It did not diffuse as much as other major religions. Hinduism didn’t change its beliefs over time. It diffused in Nepal, Mauritius-the southern part of Africa, and Southeast Asia. There are many core beliefs of Hinduism. It has a caste system with Brahmans at the top, which are priests, and then the Kshatriyas, which are warriors and king. Then comes the Vaishyas, which are skilled merchants and officials, and finally the shudars, which are the untouchables. Families pass on castes. Reincarnation is another major belief. It is the journey on the “circle of life”, a series of birth, deaths, and rebirths. Karma also plays a major role in Hindus’ lives. Karma is the law, which states that good brings good and bad brings bad, what goes around comes around. Happens either in the present life or one to come. Having good karma allows the person to...
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