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What is courage? Yettie Mandels is the definition of courage. She had strength in times of pain and grief and hope for a better tomorrow. Yettie was willing to do the unthinkable in outrageous circumstances. Courage is a thing we all strive for, and Yettie achieved it. She was literally fearless and never afraid to face her fears. Lets face it , she was one of the many lucky survivors of the Holocaust.That is courage.

Pregnant and struggling to stay free, Yettie Mendel was a very brave and courageous woman. Yettie grew up in a very large family as a Dutch Jew. In 1942, she married, and the next year she became pregnant. She has always been trying to escape the NAZI’s. A year before she got married she received a letter from German authorities telling her to got to the train stations at once. She refused and pushed everything away knowing she was wanted by the NAZI’s. She was determined to survive. Going against German authorities was a very brave decision, but it was the only thing she could do in order to survive. In October, the first round up of the Jews took place. They took Yettie and her family to the Amsterdam ghetto. The rest of her family never made it to the ghetto. She was alone. Alone in an unknown location with people she didn't know. Yettie explained it as,” You could never feel safe, not even for one hour.” Alone in an Amsterdam ghetto all by yourself. I could only imagine how lonely and hard it would have been.

She had enough courage to leave the ghetto without her husband. Her friend that was helping them escape said that they would come back the next day to get him. It was too risky to take both at the same time. Yettie was pregnant so she needed to leave first. Unfortunately, the next day brought bad news for her. Her husband was taken to Sobibor, after a raid, where his life was ended. Yettie stayed in the Hague. After a few months of living there the Gestapo came to their house looking for Yettie’s brother. He ran out the back of...
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