Hollister vs Bath and Body Work-Contrast Paper

Topics: Trousers, Dress, The Look, Bad Hair Day / Pages: 2 (404 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2012
Hollister Vs. Bath and Body Works
For the past two years I have been working at Hollister and Bath and Body works. Working at these two places as long as I have, I defiantly have noticed a ton of differences between the two companies. For instance, the look policy, the way they treat their associates, and the different values between the two companies.
First off, the look policy at Hollister is very strict. Each season the company sends out a stylebook on what things we are aloud to purchases. Not only is there a very small variety to pick from, we have to be checked out by our mangers and if they don’t like the outfit I picked out then I’m not aloud to buy them. The clothes I where is just part of it. I am only aloud to wear Hollister brown or navy blue flip-flops, no nail polish, no make up, and no jewelry. On the other hand, at Bath and Body Works the dress code is laid back. We can express ourselves without being told that I have to look a certain way to work there. The dress code consists of any white shirt of choice, any jeans or khakis, any shoes, and the apron of the season. I’m able to wear make up, nail polish, etc.
Next, Hollister treats their employees a different way then most companies. If I am having a bad hair day, or I am looking a little tired I get placed in the back. Before clocking in I have to have my manger look me over and if I’m not dressed perfectly I could be sent home. Since there are around forty-five associates, therefore the hours they give are very small, usually one shift a week for four hours. Sometimes it’s not even worth my time. When working at Bath and Body works, every time I come in for a shift they are always greeting me with a compliment and a smile. They are very understanding that there are other things going on in my life besides this job. There are only fifteen associates at Bath and Body, so everyone knows each other and we are all very close. The hours I receive are around four shifts a week for six to eight

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