Holiday Depression

Topics: Christmas controversy, English-language films Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: April 14, 2010
Tara Heubel
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Tis the Season
For most people the holiday season is a very happy time. It is a time for laughter and rejoicing. It is during the holiday season that we begin to see and hear from loved ones that may not always be in touch. Friends and family from everywhere begin to make contact during this time of year in hopes to send merry wishes for the year and year to come. However not all people are overcome with the “holiday spirit,” but are rather plagued with the feeling of sadness and loneliness. This small group of people struggle through the holiday season. There are many different variables that may lead to this frustration during this time of year. No matter what the reason may be for feeling so down, the fact remains that for these individuals the holidays cause serious depression.

With all the celebrating that takes place during the holidays host and hostesses may just be the most underrated people working hard to make the holiday celebration a great success! Unless you are the yearly host of a holiday get together, you really have no idea about the burden and stress that can be placed on the person who is coordinating the celebration. There are people to invite, food to purchase and prepare, decorations to hang, presents to wrap, and an atmosphere to set. The host of the party is usually preparing for the main event several months ahead of time, that is if he or she is smart, to be sure that nothing is forgotten. After all, there won’t be another party like this one till next year. If the party goes well it will be talked about all year long and people will be excited to return for future celebrations! This is ideally what every host is hoping to achieve. The perfect celebration!

Every year the media portrays holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years as even bigger and bigger events. They run an unlimited amount of advertisements portraying perfect celebrations with...
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