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Teotihuacan was the dominant power in the Mesoamerica before the arrival of Cristopher Columbus, this civilization, once created the empire, stablished a social system which included religion, trade and, artisanal skills, this essay will talk about their localization, the period when they created this Empire, and, the causes why they stablished in this area.

One of the most important Empires in Mexico, Teotihuacan, that once had control over a huge area, was one of the pioneer civilizations in Mesoamerica, Even though they did not developed writing skills, their religious, economic and, and their monumental remains show us how advanced they were. Teotihuacan ''One of the great cities of the ancient world'' was created about 40 miles to the north east of present day Mexico City, representing and marking the beginning of a new true urban revolution.

Teotihuacan was stablished about 550 C.E, but, the development of the city when this Empire began to take shape of an empire happened 200 B.C.E that is when the citizens began to build the first buildings around this area. As the city continued growing, the citizens developed more power over the region that led them to build religious monuments such as the monumental remains that today still exist, one of the most significant are the pyramids.

The reasons why they stablished in this area are the same as the reasons why others civilizations in that time originated, the principal sources, water and the weather conditions allowed them to practice agriculture due the grown was very fertile and rich of surpluses of food. as they settled they empire, they imposed their their authority around their area and even miles into Maya area by 650.

In conclusion, this empire had an enormous significance during the pre-Hispanic period, Even though they did not have writing systems, they shows that they were well organized and...
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