HLTAP401B Confirm Physical Health Status – Part 1

Topics: Heart, Blood, Stroke Pages: 6 (1225 words) Published: May 24, 2015

Question 1

If the observations listed below are considered the normal parameters (range) for adults, identify and list Frank’s abnormal observations? T: 36.2 – 37.3degrees Celsius
HR: 60 – 100bpm
RR: 16 – 24bpm
BP: 120/80mmHg
O2 saturations (percentage of oxygen in the blood): 95 – 100%

Selected Answer:
Frank's abnormal observations are :
HR: which is 120bpm
BP: which is 195/100
O2 saturations ( percentage of oxygen in the blood): which is 92%

Question 2

In relation to Frank’s observations, and deterioration in his condition, identify the reporting line you would follow to notify of Frank’s abnormal results.

Selected Answer:
In relation to Mr Hardy's observations, I would firstly notify the registered nurse if she or he is available, if not notify the doctor, senior nurse or the team leader that is working.

Question 3

Discuss the inter-relationship between Mr Hardy's Cardio Vascular System (his hypertension) and Central Nervous System (his CVA-stroke). (200 words or less)

Selected Answer:

Cardio vascular system (hypertension) controls the circulation of blood in the body. Hypertension occurs when the heart pumps blood around the body through the blood vessels and uses extra force through the arteries that leads to their weakness and losing their elasticity, which reduces in blood flow through the vessels and causes the stroke to happen. When the stroke occurs it leads to death of the brain tissues, and starts to impacting on Mr Hardy’s ability to walk, talk and doing his daily activities and damages the central nervous system.

The central nervous system (stroke) controls the activities of the body and includes the brain that controls the thinking and the body functions. Mr Hardy’s stroke was caused from his hypertension that occurred from his obesity, smoking and his family history. That led to thrombus in the arteries and blocking the blood flow.  When the stroke happens, it damages the central nervous system, therefore if no impulses are going to the heart, it will stops beating functioning  and directs the person to not breathing , that puts the patient in a coma and eventually leads to death.

Question 4

Identify and briefly explain the role of three (3) health professionals whom would be involved in Mr Hardy’s rehabilitation. (100 words or less)

Selected Answer:
The three health professionals that would be involved are:
1.Dietician: Helps people maintain a healthy life style by directing them to eating healthy and following a specific diet plan. Mr Hardy needs a dietician to help him lose weight due to him being obese. 2.Physiotherapy: Assists patients in improving their movement and functions after getting in to a major accident or a stroke ,resembling Mr Hardy’s condition. 3.Speech therapist: Trains patients with improving their speaking and language problems after recovering from a stroke or any other condition. .

Question 5

List four (4) contributing factors that may have impacted upon the development of Frank’s angina.

Selected Answer:
The four contributing factors include:
-Obesity: lack of exercise causes a person to be obese, his body will be carrying too much fat, and so to provide blood to the excess tissues the heart has to work harder which impacted upon the development of Frank’s angina.

-Hypertension: when heart muscle doesn’t get enough blood to function normally, angina occurs .Therefore Frank has hypertension which damages the heart and the blood pumps more than usual through the arteries.

-Smoking: when a person smokes it increases the person’s hypertension and causes the blood to clot which results in having a stroke and heart problems.

-Family history: when a person in the family has history of angina, Frank’s risk of developing angina is increased.

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