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The development of this policy has been necessitated by the challenges posed by HIV and AIDS in the workplace. HIV and AIDS affect people mainly in their prime ages, between 20 and 55 years, who constitute the workforce. The illness and subsequent deaths of workers resulting from HIV and AIDS, has an enormous impact on the national productivity and earnings. Resources that would have been used for wealth creation and poverty reduction are diverted to treatment, care and support for HIV and AIDS related illnesses. The company has put in place a policy that defines an institutional framework and intensified intervention measures for the prevention, management, control and mitigation of HIV/AIDS impact. The policy provides guidance for those who deal with the day-to-day HIV/AIDS related issues and problems that arise within the workplace and also outlines employee’s rights, responsibilities and expected behavior in the workplace. The strategies outlined in this policy aim at minimizing the effects of the pandemic at the company and providing the means towards greater efficiency in service delivery. The Policy’s emphasis is on performance improvement as officers will be healthier and live longer regardless of their HIV status once properly managed.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is now a global crisis and constitutes one of the most formidable challenges to development and social progress.. It mainly affects people in their prime years of life, the hardest hit being those in the productive ages of between 20 and 55 years. This policy has been developed to address the crisis imposed by the pandemic. It aims at providing guidance to the management of employees who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and prevention of further infections.. In addition, it provides guidance for those who deal with the day-to-day HIV/AIDS related issues and problems that arise within the workplace and outlines employee’s rights, responsibilities and expected behavior in the workplace. HIV/AIDS present the greatest challenge to the development of this country and have put immense pressure in the workplace. It has led to loss of skilled and experienced manpower due to deaths, illnesses, absenteeism, reduced performance, increased stress, stigma, discrimination and loss of institutional memories, among others. Consequently, businesses and organizations suffer economic loss due to decreased productivity and increase in health care costs. So far, there has been no comprehensive public sector workplace policy to guide employers and employees to address HIV/AIDS issues. There is therefore, need to develop a clear, consistent, coherent and harmonized policy framework on HIV/AIDS. This policy not only demonstrates the companies’ concern and commitment in taking concrete steps in the management of HIV/AIDS pandemic, but also provides guidance on the development of sector specific workplace policies

The main objective of this policy is to provide a framework to address HIV/AIDS in the workplace. Specifically, the policy aims at: • Setting Minimum Internal Requirements (MIR) for managing HIV/AIDS in the company; • Establishing structures and promoting programmes to ensure non-discrimination and non-stigmatization of the infected and affected; • Contributing to national efforts to minimizing the spread and mitigating against the impact of HIV/AIDS • Ensuring adequate allocation of resources to HIV/AIDS interventions; • Guiding employers, managers and employees on their rights and obligations regarding HIV/AIDS; and • Providing a framework for development of sector specific workplace policies.

This policy sets standards for managing HIV/AIDS for workplace programmes. It applies to all supervisors and employees of the company including

The Principles that guide this policy are in accordance with National Aids Council of Zambia, national laws, policies, guidelines and...
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