Hitler and World War II

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Anh Vu
Unit 12B Objectives

1. There were several policy goals and tactics of Hitler that contributed to European history. One of them was the development of the “total state”. He did not simply want power for personal ambitions, but must larger ideological goals, such as the development of an Aryan racial state that would dominate Europe and possibly the entire world. This goal was one of the reasons Hitler carried out the massive expulsion of nearly six million Jews during the Holocaust. He wanted to eliminate any race that would stand in the way of the domination of the Aryans. Another one of his tactics was the Blitzrieg, or “lightning war”, which depended on mechanized columns and massive air power to cut quickly across battle lines and encircle and annihilate entire armies. 2. There were several reasons for the Allied victory over the Axis powers during World War II. One reason was the weakness of the military. For example, during the Battle of Britain, Hitler’s German troops failed to defeat Britain with the Luftwaffe. Hitler’s tactics could not overpower the powers of the Allies. Also, there was a time after World War I when Germany had to pay loads of reparations to the winning countries, leaving Germany in inflation and a financial crisis. 3. Nazi Germany enjoyed such success during the beginning of World War II for several reasons. One reason was that Hitler had just stepped into power as the new dictator of Germany. At that time, Germany was in a bad situation as they were in as state of inflation and financial crisis after World War I. Soon afterward, Hitler stepped up as the leader to “salvage” this crisis, finally giving the Germans hope as the new leader to lead them out the hunger and economical crisis. 4. There both differences and similarities between the aftermath of World War I and the aftermath of World War II. One way that they are similar is that there was an emergence of conflicts between countries. For...
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