World War Ii and Hitler

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World War Two
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Section 1
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- Information
- Suggested Activities
- What is Causation? Information Sheet
- Causation Card Sort
- Causes of World War Two Card Sort
- Causation Wordsearch

Section 2
The Treaty of Versailles
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- Information
- Suggested Activities
- Effects of the Treaty on the German People Activity
- Hitler and the Treaty of Versailles Writing Frame
- Versailles Treaty Anagrams and Versailles Feelings
- Treaty of Versailles Wordsearch
- Treaty of Versailles Crossword

Section 3
Hitler's Actions
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- Information Pages
- Suggested Activities
- What Hitler Did Blank Timeline Frame
- What Hitler did and Allies Response Blank Table
- Hitler's Actions Wordsearch
- Hitler's Actions Crossword

WWII Causes Information & Activity Book

© 2005 H Y Wheeler

Section 4
The Policy of Appeasement
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- Information Pages
- Arguments For and Against Appeasement
- Suggested Activities
- Arguments For and Against Appeasement
Statement Sorting Activity
- Appeasement Debate Guidelines
- Appeasement Debate Preparation Sheet
- Appeasement Wordsearch
- Appeasement Acrosstick
- Appeasement Acrosstick (differentiated)

Section 5
Failure of the League of Nations
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Page 41

- Information Pages
- League of Nations Sources and Explanations
- Suggested Activities
- League of Nations Sources Activity sheets
- League of Nations Sources Activity Sheet (higher)
- League of Nations What If? Activity sheet
- Failure of the League of Nations Wordsearch
- League of Nations Crossword

Section 6
4 Page Assessment Paper

Section 7
Answers to Puzzles
Curriculum Levelled Markscheme for Assessment Paper

Section 10
WWII Causes Information & Activity Book

© 2005 H Y Wheeler

World War Two began in September 1939 when Britain and France declared war on Germany following Germany’s invasion of Poland. The war ended in Europe on 6th May 1945 when Germany surrendered. The war with Japan ended on 15th August 1945, following the dropping of two atomic bombs on the islands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Historians very rarely make sweeping statements that pinpoint the cause of a war to one single action. The British historian A J P Taylor described wars as being like road traffic accidents “There are some conditions and situations that make them more likely but there can be no system for predicting where and when each one will occur”. Other historians disagree saying that wars cannot be seen as accidental events, that there is always a point where a conscious decision is made to resort to armed conflict.

Historians do agree that it is necessary to look beyond the immediate events preceding a war when looking for an explanation of the causes of wars. The events that contribute to the break out of war can be divided into long term causes, short term causes and a trigger event.

With regard to the outbreak of World War Two the following events are seen as being contributing factors:
1. Treaty of Versailles – 1919
2. Weakness of the League of Nations – established 1920
3. Hitler’s rise to power –...
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