History of Psychology

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As early as 1910, two years after the University of the Philippines was founded, psychology was being taught at the Department of Philosophy and Psychology, College of Liberal Arts. The Department was placed under Dr. Henry S. Townsend, an American who taught all of the Psychology courses being offered then, namely General Psychology, Genetic Psychology, Educational Psychology and Tests and Measurements.

Psychology separated and became part of the College of Education when the college was created in 1918. Townsend became acting head of this new department as he continued to be the head of the Department of Philosophy at the College of Liberal Arts. Under the able leadership of Dean Francisco Benitez, the UP modelled for the entire country the curricular utilization of psychology in education.

The University of the Philippines Department of Psychology is established within the School of Education. Agustin Alonzo is chairman(1926).The Department of Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas is established(1930).

Sinforoso Padilla organizes the Psychological Clinic at the University of the Philippines(1932). Jesus Perpinan sets up the Far Eastern University Psychological Clinic(1933). Angel de Blas, OP, sets up the Experimental Psychology Laboratory in the University of Santo Tomas(1938).

Estefania Aldaba-Lim sets up the Institute of Human Relations at Philippine Women's University(1948).

Joseph Goertz establishes the Psychology Department at the University of San Carlos.(1954)

Fr. Jaime Bulatao establishes the Department of Psychology and the Central Guidance Bureau at the Ateneo de Manila University(1961). The Philippine Psychological Corporation is founded. The corporation offers psychological services and is the main retailer of psychological tests. The Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) is founded(1962). e PAP holds its first annual convention, leading to its...
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