History of Parole and Indeterminate Sentencing

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History of parole and indeterminate sentencing

History of parole and indeterminate sentencing
This paper discusses the history of parole and indeterminate sentencing, how do either have a place in the current correctional system? In addition, would we be better off to abolish them for good? Parole began with the passing of the legislation on June 25, 1910. In this time, there were only three prisons and there were a parole board at each of the three prisons that would grant parole. The members of the parole board consist of the warden of the prison, the physician of the prison, and the administrator of prisons at the department of justice, which is in Washington, D.C. In May 1930 the legislation imparted a single board of parole, and was also based in Washington, D.C., this board will also consist of three members, that would serve full-time they was appointed by the Attorney General. By August 1948, the postwar would increase the prison population, and the Attorney General added two more members to the board of parole. By September 1950, the President will increase the board to eight members, which will serve a six-year term, and was also placed in the department of justice for administrative purposes (Fulwood, 2003). Just like the prole board, the indeterminate sentence review board will hold a prison hearing to decide if an offender should be released from prison. This board has five members that is appointed by the Governor of the state, and will serve a five-year term. One of the five members will be appointed as the chair by the Governor. At the hearing the board will decide if the offender is ready to be released from prison, the board will look at the offenders past and present performance, and the possible danger to the public. The board will work directly with other agencies, like the Department of Corrections. The most important thing is the victims concerns of the offenders release. The board will also collect and...

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