History of Film

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Film has changed tremendously over the past 100 years. Sound, special - effects, video quality, duration, color, etc. In the very beginning, the precursors to the birth of the motion picture business include the Thaumatrope, Fantascope, Daedalum, Kinematoscope, Phasmotrope, and Praxinoscope. This is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, is enjoyed by various people around the world, and has progressed very far. Films started off in black and white with no sound, and only lasted for seconds. A man by the name of Eadweard Muybridge created the first motion picture published as “The Horse in Motion”. It consisted of 16 black and white frames of a horse galloping. Film began to progress by incorporating sound. The first film with live-recorded sound was the 17-second Dickson Experimental Sound Film, which was created to test the Kinetophone. Live musicians began to accompany the movies, while including narrations and dialogues. During war and post-war there was a great amount of films that portrayed war drama that seemed realistic. Today, film has improved very much. Film quality is much clearer, and the duration of film lasts longer than many decades ago. Movies feature computer animation and powerful sound effects. On the downside, it seems as if modern film has become less original, as if there are not any more ideas and repeats of originals are being produced. There are many movies that are based on the classic films with the same depictions of certain scenes. Additionally, the movies today have more explicit situations and offensive language. I believe although modern movies have better picture quality, color, and sound effects, in particular, the horror movies from decades ago are far more original and allow the audience to create the real horror in their minds first instead of showing multiple violent scenes and blood automatically. Both in the past and today, the film industry is concentrated around Hollywood. Despite the less originality of...
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