History of Bpl

In 1961, T.P. Gopalan Nambiar had started manufacturing the hermetically sealed precision panel meters in an industrially obscure place at palakkad. He also started to produce different equipments for medical fields like Electro Stencil Scanner, Carrier Communication Equipment, Flat Square Rube Colour television. And so on. Over the years, BPL growth had subject to constant challenges. The company was started at a time when the government had reserved many areas of business for the public sector. It had also virtually barred most entrepreneurs from entering other fields through reservation on licensing
From 1980’s onwards, when the industrial licensing was released, BPL began manufacturing television and telecommunication equipment, demonstrating its potential and future business area. In the early 1990’s after globalization and liberalization of the Indian economy competition entered the market. BPL retained its strong presence and the growth rate. Strategic alliance with international companies provided the technology for them and set the standard of quality.
Using its experience of the market and the consumer, BPL concentrated on importing technology, improving product quality innovations and manufacturing of electronic products that enhanced the quality of life. After 37 years, BPL has metamorphosed from and entrepreneurial venture, into India’s biggest consumer electric company.
BPL had set up Telecommunication industry at palakkad. The company is manufacturing Power Line Carrier Communication Equipment (PLCC) which mainly used in the power sector for communication, Data transfer and circuit Checking etc. Since power sector is a base infrastructure sector for the overall growth of the industry, the product manufactured by the company has ever increasing demand in the market. One of the company’s product Wave Trap coming under PLCC group has successfully type tested at KEMA Laboratory at Netherlands at the rating of 3150A/75KA/765KV

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