History Of Astronomy: The Apollo Space Mission

Pages: 1 (149 words) Published: November 14, 2015

It is quite amazing as to how the Apollo mission made some major discoveries in astronomy. From it we have learned that, The Apollo Space mission yielded major discoveries that changed astronomical perspective.The Following truth came about as a result of it; The Moon is not a primordial object; it is an evolved terrestrial planet with internal zoning similar to that of Earth.Before Apollo, the state of the Moon was a subject of almost unlimited speculation. We now know that the Moon is made of rocky material that has been variously melted, erupted through volcanoes, and crushed by meteorite impacts. The Moon possesses a thick crust (60 km), a fairly uniform lithosphere (60-1000 km), and a partly liquid asthenosphere (1000-1740 km); a small...
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