Apollo 13

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Karan Manwani
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Apollo 13
Emotional Competence Framework
As the movie progresses the crew is in a critical situation where they may not be able to make it back to Earth alive. We see the different features of Personal and Social competence enacted by mission control on the ground and the crew in space. Self-Awareness

I. Emotional awareness: Gene is effectively able to control his emotions as complications in the re-entry develop II. Accurate self-assessment: Gene knows without all the other teams responsible for the rocket design he can’t view the situation from all the angles III. Self-confidence: Jim is sure and certain when he has to determine using his instruments that the shuttle is off course.

IV. Self-control: Gene has tremendous self-control when he has to handle the high carbon-dioxide situation V. Trustworthiness: Gene demonstrates trust by enforcing the fact to his colleagues and the flight-crew that he was bringing the men back alive. VI. Conscientiousness: Gene, as well as the staff of the command center are responsible for their individual roles of guiding the shuttle back safely VII. Adaptability: Gene, as well as the flight crew are able to adapt and adjust to the malfunctions that occur from once the shuttle’s rocket initially fails to the high carbon-dioxide situation VIII. Innovation: Gene decides to simultaneously use the ground simulator to replicate what was happening to the flight crew to identify all his possibilities and options. Motivation

IX. Achievement drive: Gene and his team strive to do everything to get the crew back down to Earth safely with all the members of his team co-operating X. Commitment: Gene’s team at NASA are all committed and dedicated to the goal of doing everything possible as well as constantly brainstorming situations to bring the men back to Earth alive. XI. Initiative: Jim shows initiative by attempting to steer the craft manually when he...
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