History of Aqualisa Quartz

Topics: Marketing, Plumbing, Sales Pages: 4 (1499 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Aqualisa who throughout the history in the U.K. held recognition for having top quality showers, a premium brand, and great service, feeling the market had yet to experiment any major innovations conducted a market research and developed the Quartz. In 2001 launched the Quartz shower; an innovative product that gathered all the characteristics the costumers felt were missing or deficient in the shower industry all at once. This shower provided improvements from water pressure, installation, temperature, maintenance, to use and design. During the field trials conducted lead by company’s employees, friends of friends and sales reps, the Quartz experienced great acceptance indicating a success in the confection of the product as well as positive reviews that featured on the cover of several journals, however despite its worthy features the sales were very deficient and far from the company’s expectations. Early sales results were no more than 81 units during a 4 month period. Their main marketing deficiencies were: Customers weren’t informed of the new product, sales representatives could not pursue a strong approach without affecting negatively the other products they offered and plumbers were very reluctant towards embracing new electrical technology. Also, Aqualisa who had a net income of about 17 million could not invest in a large consumer campaign which could cost from 17% to 23% its total revenue. Aqualisa’s market share ranked it number two in mixing valves and number three in the U.K. shower market the company. Also their market presence was very strong since it had leading products in all there pricing segments: premium (price range 230£ to 1080£), standard (price range 445£ to 715£), and value (price range 390£ to 480£). Allowing them to enjoy a 25% net return. Their range of products consisted of 9 showers distributed according to segment by trade shops, distribution, showrooms and DIY sells. The company used different brands to cover the market such as...
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