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History chapter 4 study guide
Chapter 4: The American Revolution
Section one: the colonies fight for their rights.
A. The French and Indian war
• Was during the Seven years war.
• Fighting over the Ohio river valley
• Fighting breaks out over Fort Duquesne
• The Albany Conference
• The Albany Plan-Mastermind Benjamin Franklin- believed colonies should unite under a central government
• Significance- one of the first steps toward colonial unity
• Early British defeats
• William Pitt
• British Victory-Treaty of Paris 1763
• France gave Quebec to British and gave Louisiana to Spain
B. The other colonies grow discontented
• Other effects of the War- Causes bitterness and hostility- colonist didn’t want to work together- British saw colonist as lower class, backwoods, crud, savages, and etc. Colonist saw British as stuck up and disrespectful people.
• Pontiac’s rebellion (1763)-Massive attacks from Native Americans on Colonist- Nativestrying not to lose their lands to them.
• Proclamation of 1763- no settlement west of the Appellation Mountains
• Colonist Reactions- they our outraged and angry they cannot settle in the new lands and the think the British don’t rule them so the settled their anyway.
• Enforcements of Navigation Acts
• Admiralty court-Military court- colonist think it’s unfair and defines The English Bill of Rights.
• Writs of Assistance- general search warrant-they can search where ever and take whatever they want.
• Sugar act-tax on sugar to raise revenue.
C. The Stamp Act Crisis
• The Stamp Act (1765)

• Direct Tax

• “No Taxation without Representation!”

• Stamp Act Congress

• Stamp Act Boycott

• Sons of Liberty

• Daughters of Liberty

• Repeal of Stamp Act

• Declaratory Act

D. The Townshend Act
• New taxes

• Colonial Reaction

• Repeal of Townshend Acts

• Increase in British Troops

• Boston Massacre

• Use as Propaganda

Section Two: The Revolution Begins
A. Massachusetts Defies Britain

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