history chapter 19 Study Guide

Topics: World War I, World War II, Woodrow Wilson Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: February 4, 2015
US IChapter 19 Test Study Guide
Vocabulary – Define each term
Central Powers
1.  Germany
2. Austria-Hungary
3. Turkey
1. England
2. France
3. Russia
Militarism policy of aggressively building up a nations armed forces Mobilization readying of troops for war
Zimmermann Note German telegraph offering an alliance with Mexico Archduke Ferdinand, assassination by Serbian; spark of the war Preparedness Movement advocates argued that the US would strength its armed forces in preparation for war U-boat a German submarine that would attack while hidden and without warning. They aimed to attack ships that were carrying weapons to the allies (the Lusitania, the passenger ship that head weapons on board; 128 americans died) Zeppelins large German airships

Convoy a group of unarmed ships surrounded by armed ships
Success of the Convoy System the system eliminated the sinking of allied ships (the lusitiania) Nativism favoritism of native born citizens over immigrants. The literacy best for immigrants was revived during WWI Imperialism a country attempts to expand its power and influence over other countries, through diplomacy or military force. The acquiring of un colonized areas of the world is an example of this during the WWI era. American opposition to Germany Americans opposed Germany because of their frightening militarism, especially on the seas with their submarine warfare. Americans believed the German use of submarine warfare was uncivilized. Sussex Pledge Germanys promise to warn ships before attacking (which was broken) Germany’s violation of Sussex Pledge they violated the pledge by having their u-boats remain hidden and firing without warning. They sank three united states ships prompting president Wilson to urge congress to declare war on Germany. Network of alliances (connect this to WWI involvement) much of Europe was drawn into war because of the network of alliances Power of modern weapons during WWI ushered in the modern era...
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