“Hips Feel Good” –Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

Topics: Target market, Target audience, Marketing Pages: 4 (1210 words) Published: May 9, 2012
Kerstin Dunleavy, brand manager for Unilever’s Dove line, needs to create a marketing plan to roll out the second phase of the successful re-launch and bring it to the next level. Unilever needs to keep a close eye on the competition that may try to imitate Dove’s success by creating similar campaigns and ensure they set themselves apart from these companies.

Unilever’s objective is to continue with the success of the first phase of the re-launch of Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign and maintain the brand’s momentum of strong quality and well positioned products in the market. They want to keep the focus surrounding the self-esteem issues that have resonated with their target audience and deliver an even better second phase of the re-launch. Another important element to their success is keeping a customer-based marketing plan and offering a fair and honest, but at the same time, cutting edge promotion to set it apart from its strong competitors.

Unilever, one of the largest consumer products worldwide, had a considerably makeover in 2003 changing its branding policies, one of which was its Dove line. Dove evolved from being primarily a skin cleaner for pre-treatment on burns and wounds during the World War II to becoming a multi-product including body wash, facial cleansers, moisturizers, deodorants and hair care products in the today’s beauty industry. Dove, which was once seen as an out-dated and old-fashion brand, revolutionized the way real beauty is seen in the eyes of the public after the successful re-launch and marked its position in the industry.

Situation Analysis
Effective use of advertisements and billboards in communicating its controversial message to its target audience, which stimulated great publicity worldwide •Used integrated direct-response promotion by having the public text their opinions about their advertisements. The first-ever outdoor mobile marketing in the United States •Maintained great reliable high-quality...
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