Hindu Marriage

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The traditional Hindu Marriage has changed a lot following the modernisation and globalisation of the world.Nowadays peple spend thousands to conduct a grand wedding wit decorations.The decorations now also has changed.They really take iniative to decorate the wedding hall and made it like a palace unlike last time.Now many people prefer to marry in hotel ballrooms rather than in a temple.People are spending money to decorate the hall with fresh flowers that cost a lot but they dun realise that it is for short period.

Besides that,nowadays the ceremonies of Hindu marriage is shorten.Many ceremonies like the Kasi Yathra ceremony has been cut because it consumes more time.People also do not see auspicious time for the marriage but they have their marriage in their convenient.The priest only conduct the important ceremonies and the other ceremonies has been neglected and soon those ceremonies could extint. Nowadays love marriage has been increase tremendously.So they prefer to marry in a registration office or a simple wedding in temple.

Furthermore,tremendous change has occur in the printing of wedding cards.People willing to spend monet to print fancy card.Last time,the wedding card will be like a notice paper but now it has changed.Wedding cards now are unik with different kind of designs.Even the envelope that holds the card has designs.

The new trend of Hindu marriage now is the dress of the groom and bride.They do not wear the traditional dress like veshthis and sarees ,Insteadly,they wear modern dresses like coat and gowns.Moreover the garlands.The garlands know are different not like those days jasmine garlands but they are different.Some even use artificial garlands that is prohibited by Hinduism.

The modern world has effect the Hindu marriage ceremony with many changes.

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