Hindrances in Successful Completion of Construction Projects and Their Impact on Firm's Performance

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Research over many years in the field of project management has identified several hindrances in the smooth execution of operation a construction project. But here it is more important to find out some common obstacles from the early literature and measure their impact on performance scientifically. Traditionally construction industry is segmented, and this segmentation is depends upon the nature of construction that is to be carried out, and this segmentation widely consider as residential housing construction, institutional and commercial building construction, specialized industrial construction, infrastructure and heavy construction, to see this, Hendrickson’s (2000, ch.1). Hindrances could also depend upon the nature of construction that is to be carried out but mostly it considered that all type of construction project faces common type of problems. MOTIVES AND GOALS

The main motive of this project is to provide better understanding to avoid any type of hindrances during the execution of a construction project. While executing a construction project, number of un-predicted problems creates jam in the smooth completion of the project and here in this study we identify these jams and measure their impact on the Firm’s performance. Goal of this study is to provide accurate results that will help project managers and construction managers to take early measure on factors that creates impediment in the flat completion of the construction projects. RESEARCH QUESTION AND OBJECTIVES

The project will address these research questions.
1.What are basic hindrances in successful completion of a construction project? 2.Why these hindrances occur?
3.What is the impact of these hindrances on Firm’s Performance? Basically, this study has descriptive foundation and its main emphasis will be on the understanding of basic hindrances in the way of successful completion of a construction project and to measure its impact on Firm’s performance. It is believed that result will help construction firms to know the major causes of delay in a construction project and their expected loss in the shape of Firm’s performance, and support them in making decision for the successful completion of project. Study will prove a milestone in the field of construction management research and pave the way for other sectors to research and identify the hindrances to avoid performance fatigues in the field. LITERATURE REVIEW

Delivering performance of Construction Firms is not merely considered on financial gain but to deliver within prescribed time, within budgeted cost and on set standards of quality. To meet these criteria of performance is quite difficult for firms in the presence of certain barriers, at the same time. M. E. Abd El-Razek et al. (2008) indicated that major causes of delaying construction projects in Egypt are: financing by contractor during construction, delays in contractor's payment by owner, design changes by owner or his agent during construction, partial payments during construction, and non-utilization of professional construction/contractual management. The contractor and owner were found to have opposing views, mostly blaming one another for delays, while the consultant was seen as having a more intermediate view. O Ogunlana, Krit Promkuntong, and Vithool Jearkjirm (1996), concluded that construction problems in growing economies can be grouped in three segments a) problem of inadequacies of in industry infrastructure e.g. supply of resources b) problem caused by client and consultant c) problems caused by contractor’s incompetence and recommend that need of economic managers and construction industry association to provide the infrastructure for efficient project management. G. Sweis, R. Sweis, A. Abu Hammad, A. Shboul (2008) argue that major causes of delays in construction projects are, financial difficulties faced by contractors and too many change orders. Abdalla M. Odeh, and Hussien T....

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