Topics: Drug addiction, Abuse, Addiction Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: February 26, 2013

Name: PINEDA, Manuel John F Section:A6Group no. 2 Date submitted: February 13, 2013 Activity Title: Hilom

Exercise Questions:

o What are your realizations and learning about the case study (video)/topic?

Before watching the video, all I know about drug abusers is that it keeps them addictive to it at the same time having unhealthy side effects. I didn’t know how exactly it affects their thinking skills, mood or attitude, and decision making.

After watching the video, I have learned many things about drugs. The experts have stated everything. How it all starts, the pre-martial law years and post-martial law years. How someone gets influenced by his/her friend. The circumstances in physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects are also stated.

I realized how much change a drug can do to ruin someone’s life. How a simple drug, intended to cure, leads to other side (sickness) when used in abusive manner. I learned enough lessons to answer my curiosity. I will never dare to try.

o In what ways do you appreciate the topic?

I appreciate this topic because it is very educational; it is an awakener for those users, and a warning for those who wants to try. It enlightens and warns the users by giving emphasis on the circumstances of their action. It is educational because it tells us all the info about drug abuse. There were experts, and also the sides of some people who were once a victim. This video gives emphasis to users and to us especially teenagers who are usually involved.

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