High Tea

Topics: British Empire, Evening, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: September 22, 2013

1. What is High Tea? Give 1 example of a menu high tea absolutely no same menu is allowed.
- A fairly substantial meal that includes tea and is served in the late afternoon or early evening.

2. Give the history of High Tea.

- The History of "High Tea"
The British tradition of High Tea began in the mid 1700s as an afternoon meal usually served between 3 and 4 o'clock. Initially, it was a meal for the working man, taken standing up or sitting on tall stools, thus 'high'. Tea with cakes, scones, even cheese on toast would have been served. Gradually, this afternoon meal became more known as an important event on the social calendars of Ladies and Gentlemen, rather than a meal for the working man. For the 'Leisure Classes', High Tea served a practical purpose, allowing Ladies and Gentleman the opportunity of a substantial meal before attending the theatre, or playing cards. (It might be a long time before Evening Supper could be taken!) It was around this time that one John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, had the idea of placing meat and other fillings between two slices of bread. Thus, the High Tea sandwich was created. Courtesy of the British Empire, the tradition of High Tea spread across the globe, arriving at The Carrington Hotel in the mid 1880's, where it has remained a popular event ever since.

3. What type of service is done in High Tea? Explain the 10 steps of service in High Tea.

- Service of “High Tea”
In department stores and popular price restaurants a high tea may be available in addition to the full afternoon tea. It is usually in a modified à la carte form and the menu will offer, in addition to the normal full afternoon tea menu, such items as grills, toasted snacks, fish and meat dishes, salads, cold sweets and ices. The meat dishes normally consist in the main of pies and pastries, whereas the fish dishes are usually fried or grilled.
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