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High School and College
Millions of students attend some level of higher education in the United States each year. The top two tiers of learning in the country are high schools and universities. Both college and high school are important to the development of our countries' youth. The knowledge gained from these two educational systems will fuel our nations youth to provide them with a more prosperous future. The first of many differences students attending high school in the United States can expect to encounter is it will not cost them money to attend classes. While they are legally required until a certain age to attend regularly scheduled classes Monday through Friday; they will not pay out of their own pockets for text books. High school students receive books for free due to the federal funds that are allocated into the schools budget. Students also will not have to rely on themselves or their parents for transportation. Public school districts provide the students with free transportation aboard the iconic yellow school buses. High school has a more one on one atmosphere when it comes to a teacher and student relationship. High School teachers work with their students personally in order to push them to better


themselves and ensure they understand each lesson entirely. High school teachers also give students an abundance of time to complete work they have given them in class. Another trait of an high school teacher is that they constantly remind students of uncompleted work and remind the students numerous times to complete it. When absent, teachers will give a student the opportunity to catch up on missed assignments which would otherwise be counted as a zero.

In contrast to high school; college classes are expensive. Students may find themselves in debt after attending their first year of classes due to the excessive costs of continuing education. What makes...
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