Hertz Goes Wireless

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We have chosen minicase Hertz goes Wireless from chapter seven which describes how information systems provided to employees facilities by wireless technology Which improves their performance and productivity. INTRODUCTION

In a competitive world, Hertz is a company that rents cars. It is the world´s largest enterprise and competes against thousands of companies in hundreds of countries. Hertz is operating approximately in 8,100 in 145 countries worldwide. Its goal is to pay attention on customer acquisition and loyalty. Hertz is the first company that has incorporated information technologies in 1970. Moreover, it is a pioneer in mobile commerce applications like, for example, quick rentals, instant returns, in-car cellular phones, NeverLost onboard, additional customer services, car locations and Wi-Fi connection. The year 2004 was the debut of Wi-Fi — wireless, high-speed Internet service. Available in more than 50 U.S. airport locations. Its vision is to be the first choice brand among customers for vehicle and equipment rental/ leasing as well as total mobility solutions. We evolve to present a concept of our minicase by answering questions below: QUESTIONS

1.Which of these applications are intrabusiness in nature?
Wireless intrabusiness is a kind of application that is developed inside of the company. It has been around since early 1900s in the non-Internet environment. Such applications include wireless networking used to pick items out of storage in warehouses via PCs, based on delivery status updates that enter on PCs inside collection of data. By now a vast number of Intrabusiness applications had been implemented inside enterprises. Since the early 1900s, Wireless intrabusiness application in the non-Internet environment has been around. For example: -wireless networking used to pick items out of storage in warehouses via PCs mounted on forklifts -delivery-status updates entered on PCs inside distribution trucks -collection of data such as competitor´s inventories in stores and customer orders using a handheld (but not networked) device, from which data were transferred to company headquarters each evening. The intrabusiness applications that Hertz uses are:

Instant returns helps you to make your check-out in less than a minute via wireless system that is connected to a data-base. So, thanks to automatic technologies there is a reduction in time and costs. The reduction in costs is caused by modern systems which makes the work of the organization easier when it uses automatic calculations. Car locations is a system that has its basis on Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that determines the precise location of the vehicle and can direct its automatic steering. Because of the rows GPS is very exact, so the company knows where their clients are staying every time. Hertz benefits are: a total control of its cars, prevention of a possible crime committed by customers (for instance stealing a car or trying to use fake customer data). 2.Identify any finance- and marketing-oriented applications The finance-oriented applications are:

-Quick rentals
This is a finance application because you don´t have to do transactions that wouldn´t be necessary. It allows quick figuring and billing of customers on the moment of giving back the car that had been rented. For example, this system is part of a national wireless network that can check credit cards, examine your rental history, determine which airline to credit your loyalty mileage to, and more. This application does everything for you because you only have to arrive at the airport and go to the slot where the car is waiting for you. It has services like greets attendance, confirmation of reservations and Wi-Fi which transmits your data to the renting booth. With the reduction of work connected with filling papers, this can be seen as an advantage for the company. Moreover, this system operated over a WLAN which is a type of local area network that uses...
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