Heroin and Well-known Drug Methadone

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While trying to fight drug addiction, most say that using the well-known drug methadone, helps fight the existing addiction- take drugs to stop taking drugs? When someone is fighting an addiction, one may decide to try and take action to cure their addiction by seeking help. Seeking help may consist of going through a treatment process of taking the well-known drug Methadone. This drug is known to help people fight their addiction to pain pills, heroin, crack-cocaine, and many others, or does it? The Methadone treatment is also known to start addiction. Everyone has their own opinion of the treatment process. I have conducted much research on this and will provide you with my found information, and also my own opinion. In the end, what will be your opinion?

What is Methadone?
Methadone is a synthetic narcotic that is administrated daily to treat against opiate(s) addiction. When used for addiction by addicts, it “fools” the mind in a way. In the mind of addicts, it acts as if it is the drug the mind is searching for, therefore relieving the person of the need to use street opiates. In the case of withdraw it will relieve the person of the withdrawal symptom’s that have overcome the body and brain. Withdrawal symptoms can consist of long-term depression, lack of energy, drug cravings, body aches or extreme body pain, and also sudden attacks of withdrawal sickness. This is known to be the leading cause for a person to relapse. Methadone is a very controversial medication, it has been successful in many cases, but it is not a “cure” to addiction. There are also many cases in which the person has evolved into dependency to the methadone as well. Methadone used alone, will NOT be enough to succeed someone’s wanted outcome. If counseling or another type of therapy is also a factor during treatment, the chance’s of a success becomes higher. Methadone, when being used in a treatment program is usually given in an oral substance, but also can be given in pill form. It is not a medication you can just start without any concern, it takes time for the proper dose to be found. It can take up to two weeks for the proper dose to be found and feel comfortable, sometimes longer. The individual must allow their self time to stabilize when treatment starts, this is an important factor. It is a must for one not to use any type of street drugs or the use of alcohol during the period of finding the proper dose.

Illustration article on Methadone & Methadone Addiction, retrieved from Heroin Addiction Rehab 2010. http://www.heroinaddiction.com/heroin_methadone.htmlhttp://www.drugpolicy.org/docUploads/aboutmethadone.pdf

As shown above, this is a picture of the well-known medication Methadone, in pill form. As earlier mentioned, Methadone is usually given as an oral substance (liquid form), but it can also be distributed in pill form. The dosage of methadone distributed, is determined by equating it to the amount drug used by client on a daily basis. The purpose is to stabilize the drug user and prevent further use of their illicit drug of choice. The illustration below, refers to heroin use.

Illicit heroin conversion chart
Please note: the maximum initial dose is 40mg, the doses below are an indication of where you might expect people to stabilise as you increase dose during the first 1-3 weeks of treatment. Daily spend on heroinAmount used in gramsRouteMethadone dose - detoxMethadone dose - stabilise £101/8thSmoked0-10mg5-25mg


Ounces to grams conversion

Heroin is bulk bought in fractions of an ounce, if...
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