Hero Essay

Topics: Ford Motor Company, A Good Day, Mother Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: February 6, 2014
Dear PTSA President,
A hero is someone that has been there for you every step of the way. A hero is trustworthy, brave, loyal, helpful, and honest. You should never chose a hero based on their appearance or popularity. This does not make a hero. These are the qualities that a hero should have. My mom is my hero because she is brave, helpful, and honest.

My mom is a hero because she is helpful. When it comes to homework, my mom is strict. My mom will make sure that you do your homework. She makes you do it in front of her. If you have any questions, she will do her best to try and figure it out. If she finds out that you have not been doing your homework, she will take away your valuables. So, I make sure that I do my homework. She also has her own homework to worry about, also. My mom goes to Lanier Technical College. She is now a home nurse, meaning that she goes to her patients’ houses and takes care of them. This shows that my mom is helpful.

My mom is a hero because she is also very brave. Today, January 26, 2014, which is also my birthday, my mom’s car started after a few battery problems. She drives a 2004 Ford Mustang with a manual transmission. Her car has been having problems ever since she got a few years ago. The car had been in a crash before we had gotten it. She is wanting to get a bigger car, such as a mid-size SUV, so that her tall children can fit in it. Anyway, she is going to get gas, so we can go to Pizzeria Azzurri on Browns Bridge Road. Her friend is my friend, and I told her that we would come see her because she works there. This makes her brave because her car could have stalled on the highway, and she could have lost control. She made today a good day.

The most important quality is honesty. My mom is my hero because she is honest. When she works, she gets money. When she gets money, we have a mother and son day. We go out shopping, grab something to eat, and continue shopping. However, whenever plan a mother and son day, she...
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