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Topics: African American, Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil disobedience Pages: 3 (1275 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Martin Luther King Jr - American Hero
Martin Luther King is a fighter, someone who strived to help make a difference in the nation and make it become a better place. He was a true hero. A hero is someone like Martin Luther King, who made a difference because he stopped legal segregation of African Americans.  "Leader of the African American movement for civil rights and legal equality in the United States, King is known for his stirring speeches and his use of nonviolent resistance to racial segregation and discrimination” (Crowther). In the quote above, Martin expresses and shows he is a hero and deserves to be called one. Martin Luther King possesses leadership, strength, and strives to make a difference, therefore he is a hero. Another feature that made Martin Luther King a hero is that he was a strong person inside and out. For example he didn't want to let people know that when they abused him or bullied him he would be sad about it, instead it made him fight more for his freedom. "Police retaliation was swift and bloody. In Memphis on April 3, King addressed a rally; speaking of threats on his life, he urged followers to continue the nonviolent struggle no matter what happened to him" ("Martin Luther King, Jr." ). This quote explains Martin Luther King's struggles in life and that he had been abused, but yet he remained strong for to show other's to fight more and continue the nonviolent fight. He never wanted to hurt anyone; he only wanted make the world a fair and peaceful environment.  Martin put the thought out in the open that no matter what happens to him his followers shall continue the journey to change the law. He showed everyone nothing was going to rip him apart, but only make him stronger and ready for a nonviolent battle. Another example of his non followers bashing him made him more determined continue his journey to success and fight harder. "Many thought that he should just stick to the issue of civil rights and leave foreign...
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