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Hernando De Soto
Hernando was born in the early 1530s, in a community called Extremurda. He was the second son of Francisco Mendez De Soto and Leonor Arias Tinoco. He was very tall and muscular. (see figure 1)He was more interested in adventuring and exploring then education. His first experience as a sailor was with Pedro Arias de Ávila to Central America in 1514. Hernando, Ponce de Leon and Francisco Companion conquered Nicaragua in 1524, and became the leading citizen of that country. He was the first Spaniard to meet the Inca leader Atahualpa. De Soto and 620 other men went south to Tampa Bay, Florida on May 30, 1539. They meet a former explorer from a failed mission that lived with the Indians for twelve years, he used the former explorer as an interpreter and meets Indian women who offered him a long string of pearls and told him more could be found in nearby burial grounds. After collecting plenty of pearls they finally continued marching and got in a fight with the Indians and lost many men and also pearls. Eager to find more riches and other things De soto and the remaining men continued marching to north-west into northern Mississippi. De Soto sighted the Mississippi River, south of the current-day city of Memphis, Tennessee in May 1541. After crossing the Mississippi River he explored Arkansas and decided to rest near the present site of Fort Smith for the winter. After making up his mind to leave , he reached the mouth of the Arkansas River, where he died of fever on May 21, 1542.

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