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South Africa

By Marok97 May 16, 2013 514 Words
Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Ernesto Guevara was born in l928. When he was two years old, he moved to Cordoba, Spain, because of his asthma. As he grew up, he watched the Spanish refugees from the Spanish Civil War fight against the fascist dictator, Francisco Franco. Ernesto was influenced by the war and the refugees. He began to hate military politicians, the U.S. dollar, and parliamentary democracy. Ernesto's parents were both anti Franco activists.

In Buenos Aires, Ernesto went to medical school. He graduated in l953. After several years, Ernesto went to Guatemala writing articles on the Inca and Myan ruins. During his stay in Guatemala, he had the chance to become goverment medical personnel. He refused this chance because he did not want to join the Communist party. Therefore, he was penniless for a number of years. Shortly thereafter, Ernesto met one of Fidel Castro's lieutenants with whom he fled to Mexico City.

In Mexico City, he also met Fidel Castro, and his brother Raul. In Fidel Castro, he saw a great Marxist leader that he was seeking. Guevara joined Castro followers at a farm where they were training for guerrilla war tactics. The tactics were those first used by Mao Tse-Tung. At this time, Ernesto Guevara first was nick named "Che", which is Latin for pal.

The group invaded Cuba, where Che was commander of the revolutionary army. From then on, he was known as the most aggressive, clever and successful guerrilla officer. He also got the reputation for cold-blooded cruelty. One reason for this reputation was because of his orders to mass execute followers of the former Cuban president Batista. Thereafter, Che Guevara was second only to Castro in the government of Cuba.

After April of l965, Guevara disappeared from the public eye. Castro dropped his association with Che because of Che's criticism of Soviet communism. Che's plan at that time was to bring about Marxism by starting a world-wide revolution. He went around the world with forces (120 Cubans). In Congo, they attempted to accomplish one of these revolutions. It fell short when Belgian aid arrived to help the current government. Che had little help from the rebels of Congo and eventually failed. His final days were spent in Bolivia where he used bad judgment by trying to start a revolution. Che was betrayed by an anonymous person. Many people think that the Castro brothers were involved in this betrayal. Ches troops were crushed, and he was captured by the Bolivian Army. Che was executed the day after. Ernesto "Che" Guevara is known even today in Vollegrande, Bolivia as a hero to many citizens. He is a symbol of power for the oppressed people. Guevara is thought of by many as a saint. Pictures of Che remain in many windows.

To the youth of America in the l960's and l970's Che was thought of as an idol. He was viewed as a revolutionary martyr that supported the ideal classless society. In many ways, his thoughts and ideas are important for us today.

Famous picture of Che…

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