Heritage Of History Case Study

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To study the culture and heritage of a region, it is important to know the history of that place, for history contains answers to the questions like how did the civilisation started, how did a particular custom and tradition arise, how did the art and aesthetic values of the region developed, etc. The answers to these questions lie within the study of history.

However, studying history is a complicated process. It is generally not easy to give a very clear picture of the past. There are variations, or even contradictions, in various theses given by historians and archaeologists. It is difficult to say clearly about what happened in the past. There are questions raised on the proposed ideas and they are...

With advancements in science and technology, Marine Archaeology is becoming increasingly popular. In India, we can find remains of an entire city submerged underwater. At Dwarka in Gujarat, we find remains of port-city with fortification walls and stone anchors submerged under water.

Archaeologists and Historians find various evidences from the past to study about the culture that existed. Inscriptions found all over India are yet another important historical source that we use to study our past. Inscriptions are writings engraved on something-stone, pillars, walls, clay, bricks, wood, metal, etc. The study of inscriptions is called epigraphy. The study of the old writing used in inscriptions and other old records is called palaeography.

Earliest known inscriptions are that of the Harappa Civilisation, which await their decipherment. Their script was pictographic in nature with use of symbols and pictures as a means to communicate ideas. Earliest known deciphered inscriptions found in India belong to the Maurya emperor Ashoka in the 4th century. These were written in many languages and scripts, but most of them were written in Prakrit language and Brahmi script. Earliest known inscriptions in Tamil language are engraved in rock shelters and caves found in Tamil Nadu, especially in the area near Madurai. They are in a script known as Tamil-Brahmi, an adaptation of Brahmi for Tamil...
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