The Complexity of Archeology

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The Complexity of Archeology Student A English I Ms. Smith September 30, 2008

Abstract This paper considers the process-oriented nature of the field of archaeology together with techniques designed to make those processes successful. The process is outlined beginning with the archaeologist establishing goals for a project, followed by research, fund-raising, surveying, and site testing. Special attention is then paid to the heart of any archeological project: techniques of excavating, relic dating and analysis, and preservation.

The Complexity of Archeology An archaeologist is a person who helps to protect and understand the record of the past by uncovering information about ancient civilizations. He does this by digging objects out of the ground and then studying them. When an archaeologist uncovers a piece of history, whether it is a vase or an entire city, he is adding a piece to the puzzle that answers the question: what was the past like? In order to find pieces of past civilizations, archaeologists must complete several steps. There are multiple steps that an archaeologist must take before he starts to dig. An archeologist’s first step is to decide just what it is that he hopes to find (Panchyk, 2001, p. 3). Sometimes he will be looking for a specific item. For example, Howard Carter looked for years hoping to find King

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