Hercules 13th Labor

Topics: Kill, Greek mythology, American films Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: March 8, 2007
After Hercules finished his 12th labor and died, they invited him up to Olympus. Twenty years after Hercules was invited to Olympus the portal was accidentally broken by little children gods playing with slingshots. Some of the working gods were busy rebuilding it and a giant centaur named Cleus busted through, the working gods tried to fight it off but the centaur was ten times the size of them all put together, so they fled not knowing what to do. Cleus did whatever he wanted for two days with no one retaliating. Word got back to the other gods that a centaur had broken through the portal, none of the gods were not strong enough to defeat him except Hercules, and so they asked him if he could just lift a finger one more time.

As Hercules set of to defeat this thing he was not sure where he should start to search for this centaur. He figured he would start looking around from where he broke through in the portal; it has been six months since Hercules has been looking for this creature. Cleus has already had offspring two of them, the first one that Hercules encountered had horns, Hercules saw this centaur thinking it was Cleus Hercules attacked and realizing it wasn't Cleus he apologized and continued his quest. The offspring of Cleus attacked Hercules from behind and it caught Hercules off guard, when Hercules got back up he twisted the centaur's horns and threw it out of Olympus.

It has been another two months since Hercules has defeated the first centaur he encountered, he saw another centaur (Cleus' second born) that create illusions. As Hercules approached to kill it something strange happened, when he came within ten feet of it, he saw his wife and children that he killed many years ago running towards him. A few seconds later they disappear and he feels this sharp pain on the top of his head he has just been knocked down by the centaur Otis. Hercules wasn't sure what to do because he had a very painful headache that wouldn't go away but...
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