Hepatitis E Viral Seroprevalence Among Multiple Transfused Egyptian Children

Topics: Blood transfusion, Hepatitis, Hepatitis C Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Hepatitis E viral Seroprevalence among Multiple Transfused Egyptian Children 1Maysaa El Sayed Zaki, 2Muhammad Magdy Abd El Razek, 3Hassan Magdy Abd El Razek Clinical Pathology, Mansoura University Hospital, Mnasoura Faculty of Medicine, Egypt Background: Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is endemic in Egypt. It is enterically transmitted virus. However other modes of transmission like blood transfusion is not excluded. No reports are available from Egypt about the prevalence of hepatitis E specific immunoglobulins G and M in children with multiple blood transfusion history. Aim: To Study the prevalence of antibodies specific to HEV either G or M among Egyptian children with history of multiple blood transfusions. Material and Method: The study included 30 children with chronic renal impairement with regular hemodialysis and 100 children with hematological disorders like thalassemia requiring regular blood transfusion. Moreover, 40 healthy children were included as control group. Serological studies for hepatitis A, B , C and E viruses were performed for specific IgM for HAV, IgG for HCV, HBsAg and specific IgM for core of hepatitis B and specific IgG and IgM for HEV. Results: Among children with regular hemodialysis, three of them have IgG for HCV 10%) and two were positive for HBsAg (6.7%) none of them had antibodies for HEV or HAV. In children with hematological disorders 15 of children had HCV IgG (15%) and 12 had either positive HBsAg or/and positive core IgM (12%). For HEV eight children were positive for HEV IgG (8%) and 5 of them (5/8-62.5%) were positive for HEV IgM and none of those children had positive IgM for HAV. None of the control had any positive serological markers for any of the hepatotropic viruses. Conclusion: Hepatitis E virus can be responsible for acute viral hepatitis in multiple transfused children in endemic area like Egypt. Regular screening for those children for specific antibodies for HEV is recommended to exclude presence of acute...
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