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Topics: European Union, United States, World Trade Organization Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: April 24, 2007
1. What was the key issue that prompted the EU to take the Helms-Burton dispute to the WTO?

Although a "blocking statute" was permitted under Article 235 of the European Union, Denmark threaten to veto stated that it exceeded the European Commission's authority. After President Clinton signed the Iran and Libya Sanctions Act, the World Trade Organization agreed to a request by the European Union to assemble a three-person trade panel that would determine if Helms-Burton violated any international trade laws.

2. Who benefits the most from an embargo of this type? Who Suffers?

This embargo immediately benefits the U.S. companies and citizens who's property seized by the Cuba government. It hurts the country that is being sanctioned because it limits the trade market. The Helms-Burton Act also restricts new job openings from foreign companies and investors. These jobs could be vital to improving the poor way of life the Cubans are used to living under the socialist government.

3. Assess attempts by some U.S. policymakers to limit or end enforcement of the embargo rather than the embargo itself. Do you agree with this approach?

Former United States Secretaries of States called upon the president to create a National Bipartisan Commission on Cuba to review the policy. This allowed Cubans to buy unlimited amounts of food and medicine from the U.S. This represented a victory for the United States. However, in 2002, Castro began to restrict the growing democratic movement by jailing activist. President Bush responded by eliminating cultural travel exchanges.
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