Topics: God, Conceptions of God, Guilt Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: February 8, 2014
Exam 3 Study Guide
Boundaries, Ch. 1-6

Chapter 1 (pp. 15-28)
Things that characterize ownership and responsibility - 1. Taking responsibility for certain tasks. 2. Knowing what our job is and what isn’t. 3. Confusion of responsibility and ownership in our lives is a problem of boundaries Chapter 2 (pp. 29-50)

Definition of boundaries - Helps us define what is ours and what is not ours and what we are responsible for and what we aren't. Shows me where I end and someone else begins, leads me to a sense of ownership. Origin of boundaries - Concept of boundaries comes from the very nature of God. God as a distinct, separate being, and he is responsible for himself. Needs of adult children - Need time away, need to spend some time building boundaries against old ways and create new ways Boundaries and consequences - Consequences let people know the seriousness of the trespass and the seriousness of our respect for ourselves. Boundaries and God - We are to have boundaries because God himself has boundaries Characteristics of emotions - 1. Should neither be ignored, nor placed in charge .2 'own" your feelings and be aware of them.3. Can tell you the state of your relationships What boundaries keep in and out - Keep out evil, unrepentant people, let people be who they are, but don’t let them push your boundaries out of your bubble Establishing boundaries for thinking - We must own out own thoughts, we must grow in knowledge and expand our minds, we must also clarify distorted thinking. Our most basic need in life - To love and be loved

How we treat things we value - we often do not take responsibility for what we value because we are caught valuing the approval of man, rather than the approval of God.

Chapter 3 (pp. 51-62)
Common problems that characterize avoidant individuals (from Boundaries)- Saying know to the good, inability to ask for help, withdraw when they are in need. Types and characterizations of boundary problems (e.g. compliance, avoidance,...
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