Heliborne Operation

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HEL BORNE OPS in the perspective of modern world


1. A hel borne Operation is an offensive operation in which combat forces and their equipment move about in the battlefield onboard helicopter under the control of the ground force commander, to engage in ground combat.

2. A hel borne Op is an op wherein the mov of tps, sup, and/or eqpt is accomplished by helicopters. It is characterised by the unique influence, it exerts on the Comds combat potential in terms of mobility and freedom of act. The increase in mobility and freedom of act provides the Comd a multitude of options in most tac situation which we have never aval in the past. The helicopters enables the aslt force to cross terrain obs, bypass hostile areas, and attk, destroy, and/or seized obs deep in hostile areas. Helicopters enable the Comd to concentrate the nec cbt power at the decisive time and place and, once the desire result has been attained, to rapidly re-depl his forces as nec.

3.In the history of warfare it has been successfully used by Americans in Vietnam, both by Arabs and Israelis in the Arab Israel war, specially in Yom Kippur war, in the Falkland war, Afghan war and by the allied forces in the recent Iraq-Kuwait war. So did the Indians in Bangladesh during 1971. Hence, necessity of helicopter, tasks and tactical employment of heliborne operation forces, including airborne forces and understanding their implication on ground can not be over emphasized.


4.The aim of this presentation is to highlight about the hel borne operations.


5.This presentation will be unfolded in fol seq:

b.Type and fun of Hel.
c.Purpose/Msn of Hel borne ops.
d.Planning Consideration.
e.Misc Aspects on Hel Ops.


6.Air Aslt/Hel Aslt Force. A task organization combining helicopters, supporting units, and helicopter-borne troop units for use in helicopter-borne assault operations. 7.Landing Zone (LZ). A specified ground area for landing assault helicopters to embark or disembark troops and/or cargo. A landing zone may contain one or more landing sites. 8.Landing Sight (LS). A designated subdivision of a helicopter landing zone in which a single flight or wave of assault helicopters land to embark or disembark troops and/or cargo. 9.Landing Point (LP). A point where one helicopter can land. It is designated by two (2) digits number.

10.Pick Up Zone (PZ). A tactically secured landing zone where assault elements are systematically picked up.

11.Flt Route/Hel App Route. The track or series of tracks along which hel mov to a spec landing site or landing zone.

12.Start Point (SP).A defined topographic feature on the flight route which is normally 2-3 km away from the PZ. This is estb to allow the air craft to obtain nec speed, altitude fmn and to maint timing.

13.Release Point (RP).A designated topographic feature 3-5 km away from the LZ. It is used as the final check point for coordination of landing instruction and lifting or shifting of preparatory fire. Besides in this point hel reforms into landing fmn, follows indl bearing for LZ, reduces speed and land on their assigned LZ. 14.Hel Sp Team. A task organization formed and equipped for employment in a landing zone to facilitate the landing and movement of helicopter-borne troops, equipment and supplies, and to evacuate selected casualties and enemy prisoners of war. Type and Fun of Hel

15.Obsn Helicopter.

a.Command, control and communication.
Example OH-58 (Kiowa), Bell 206

16.Attack helicopter.

a. Observation.
b. Destruction of point target.
c. Fire support.
d. Protection.
e. Diminution over anti air craft elements.
f. Tracking.
g. Low level observation.
Example: Cobra, Apache.

17.Utility Helicopter.
a.Troop transportation.
b.Command, control...
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