Helen Clark as a Leader

Topics: New Zealand, New Zealand Labour Party, Prime minister Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Helen Clark was one of New Zealand’s most effective Prime Ministers to date; the 5th longest serving of our 38 antecedent Prime Ministers (Wishart, 2008). In this text one shall learn about Helen Clark’s characteristics as a Prime Minister, her achievements during her three terms, some of her legislative implications, rough conclusion of why Helen Clark was successful as a Prime Minister and some insights into Helen Clark’s personality.

Helen Clark was known as an organiser and a “political machine”(Wishart, 2008) during her 9 years as New Zealand’s Prime Minister. A significant quality Helen Clark possessed as a Prime Minister was her backroom organising skill (“Helen Clark”, 2009). She was successful at drawing in good staff at the beginning of her premiership. Clark attracted smart and very effective operators. Clark was also known as the Prime Minister who united the Labour Party in 1996 as it had been bitterly divided since the 1970’s (“Helen Clark”, 2009). When people discuss Helen Clark’s backroom organising, it is acknowledged by some that in her latter years as Prime Minister, she developed nepotism among her staff. Helen Clark kept her friends close and people she was not fond of were overlooked; regardless of skill and capability – she chose loyalty over talent (Espiner, 2008). It is also known at the beginning of her first term, Helen Clark was ruthless at getting rid of people; she has showed strong determination to replace Ministers who were either not performing or had ethical lapses. Helen Clark was not a conventional Chair of the Board; she participated in portfolios at any time they posted a threat to the Government (“Helen Clark”, 2009). In addition, Helen Clark possesses a skill with the media – she would personally choose who interviewed her and in some cases, gossiped with her. This trait generally has a positive effect to the media and the public. In conclusion, Helen Clark played her cards carefully for 9 years and was influential to...
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