Heavy New England rain

Topics: Left-wing politics, Man, Far left Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Heavy New England rain and thunder poured from the outside windows, making the sound of a continues tapping sound. Forty-two men of, rather large wealth, gathered around a rectangular shaped table that stretched to the left and right sides of the room and at the far left was a fireplace crackling wood peacefully. The room smelled of burning wood and lit cigars. This room was used only for important meetings for the surreptitious society, and was a donation from the owner of the building, Lord Richard. He was a wealthy man and treated every man no matter how high or low class the man may be,equally. Believing that the society’s sectarian decisions are kept safe, after all in this game you rarely could trust anyone and so he gladly donated the building, being a society member himself. When everyone in the room settled down the leader of the society was revere, known as Lord Barren, he began call the meeting to order. “I have called this meeting to discuss Lord Tembers betrayal to our society and I hope I do hope not provoke to any of the members here but since he has greatly done damage to our plans I suggest we relegate him out of our society.” The men around the table agreed until one member blurted out “But he will go to the police and tell them of our plans to rob the museums of Europe!” The men became quiet and looked to their leader. Trying to make a judicious yet an impetuous decision Lord Barren answered “I must say irony has gotten the better of me but that will not stop me from making a decision to keep this society going therefore I open to the members suggestion.” An obtuse man in the corner stood up, his marred boots making a squawky sound as he walked to the end of the left side table. “Well, there is one obvious thing to do that you all seem to avoid, which is murdering Lord Tembers, of course we could make it look like he committed suicide.” Lord Barren tried to see if anyone in the room would hedge the idea, but everyone was silent and...
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